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Chase the Joker

Please find below details of rules for this vital fund raising project for South Wilts CC. Please note that this is set out in part manual format but will be conducted on line.

Firstly a pack of cards plus the joker will be taken and each one placed in 53 envelopes Numbered 1-53.

These will then be held by Andy Cooke and the board displayed (in clubhouse and on the club website). 320 raffle tickets will be produced (our ticket sales target) numbered 1 – 320 and held on line. Andy Cooke & Steve Hatcher will conduct the weekly draw by electronic lottery. Each weekly winner will receive a guaranteed £60 and then be contacted to select one of the numbered envelopes in order to find the joker and instead win the jackpot which will start at £200. The jackpot (if not won) will increase each week by £50, and the previously chosen cards revealed on the board and removed or blacked out on the on line board .This means that the number of envelopes will decrease weekly until the jackpot is won, at which point the jackpot will return to £200. If the jackpot is not won by the time it reaches £1000 that weeks draw will award the winner of the raffle £1000 and return the following week to the £200 starting point. We have registered this lottery with the Wilts County Council under the Small Societies regulations covered by the 2005 Gambling Act. The maximum number of tickets held by one individual will be limited to 3.The cost of the tickets is either £5 per month or a one off Annual payment of £50. We have set a target of the end of August to commence this initiative. We believe that with your support and by word of mouth advertising to friends and family this figure is attainable. It will form the centre piece of the Clubs crucial fund raising efforts. Draws during summer months can be made either at training sessions or on Vice Presidents match days to stimulate interest. Details of the winner, the following weeks jackpot and pictures as below of the remaining cards will be published weekly on our Websites. We will also be donating 10% of our profits subject to a minimum of £1000 to our nominated charity, the Childrens Hospice, Julias House. Please support the club and its charity, your continuing efforts will decide how positively our cricket club can move forward and retain its position as a recreational Centre of Cricketing Excellence.

For more information or to purchase your tickets please email Steve Hatcher ( or Andy Cooke ( We will get back to you with payment details and ticket numbers when we reach our target.

Please help us get there.

Thank you.

James Hayward