SWCC – Covid19: Rules & Regulations

Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 South Wilts Cricket Return to Cricket –

Rules and Regulations of SWCC


Introduction Covid-19 has had a significant impact on everything we do and particularly how we interact. We have put this document together to outline the logistical and safety measures we are putting in place to offer the cricket community an inclusive safe return to cricket activity. This document will in no part supersede any South Wilts CC (SWCC) documentation or advice, we want to assure the wider community that we are acting in the best interest of the health and wellbeing of each and every member of our club. We are working hard with the ECB and the UK Government to offer the best practice and optimal safety to everyone during this phased return to activity. The following information is subject to change, at any time, if there are any material changes to the UK Governments advice. If you require any clarity around anything mentioned within this document or any SWCC Cricket related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Kind regards,

Rob Wade,

South Wilts CC Chairman

Covid-19 Rules and Regulations

These new rules and regulations are not intended to be exhaustive in covering every possible scenario but aim to provide a clear direction for cricket to start under level 4 of the Government of UK Framework. Nor is it intended to cover all aspects of cricket, this document will remain fluid and adjusted as and when is necessary in alignment with any new advice or observations made.

  1. Declaration

1.1. All players (and their parent/guardian, if under 18) must have made a declaration that they have read and understood these new Covid-19 rules and regulations and agree to abide by them. Including (in respect of COVID-19), that they acknowledge that participation is strictly at their own risk and, they extinguish their rights to make a claim against South Wilts Cricket, its members or committee in respect of COVID-19. This declaration can be found at the end of this document, we will need acknowledgement from everyone playing cricket to electronically agree to any future versions of this document before they can play.

  1. Risk assessments

2.1. Risk assessments have been reviewed and updated to include COVID-19, to reflect the current situation and all new measures that have been introduced.

  1. Attendance Records

3.1. There must be an accurate record of attendance with date, name and phone number of participants, volunteers, and staff. In the event of a positive COVID-19 test this information may be requested by authorities to contact trace. This will help to minimise the spread of COVID-19 amongst the population.

3.2. This list needs to be submitted to the Club as soon as possible after the game. This data should be submitted electronically and will be stored electronically by SWCC in accordance to current GDPR regulations.

3.3. Captains will be responsible for passing this information to the club committee, either in person or by emailing club secretary, Sean Burke.


  1. Management of Illness

4.1. If any individual or individual’s show or start to show symptoms of the coronavirus, they must isolate from the gathering as soon as possible by leaving and returning home where it is currently advised that the individual and the rest of their household should go into household isolation and call the helpline.

4.2. Any players involved in the game will be immediately informed & told to isolate until they have carried out a test.

4.3. The symptoms are a new continuous cough and/or fever which may be accompanied by one or more of the following:

4.3.1. Headaches.

4.3.2. Tiredness.

4.3.3. Muscle ache.

4.3.4. Loss of taste and smell.

4.3.5. Respiratory symptoms besides cough such as a sore throat, blocked or runny nose.

4.3.6. Gastro-intestinal symptoms can also be a feature of COVID-19 and these are more common in children than adults.




  1. Safeguarding

5.1. Standard safeguarding regulations apply please revert to your safeguarding and welfare officer within you club with any safeguarding issues, alternatively please revert to SWCC website for further information.

  1. Non-compliance

6.1. We have strict penalties for non-compliance to our new rules and regulations due to the importance of individual’s health and safety during any of our training sessions or events.

6.2. Individuals will be enforced to leave the gathering completely for any deliberate infringement of the Covid-19 rules and regulations and will face disciplinary proceeding from South Wilts Cricket Club

6.3. Accidental infringement’s will be dealt with one warning then the potential to be ejected from the gathering.

6.4. In game penalties are outlined below in point 23.


  1. Cleaning regime

7.1. Venues will be required to be set up pre arrival time of participants and will be the responsibility of both the venue managers and the club leads.

7.2. Toilet cleaning will be the responsibility of the venue managers and in alignment with their cleaning protocols in respect to the Covid-19 situation.

7.3. All venue equipment must be sanitised with an antiviral spray or wipe before people arrive for example chairs, stumps, bails etc.

7.4. Gathering sanitising equipment will be provided at the educational and trial events, training will be given to all club representatives in attendance. If for whatever reason a club doesn’t have a representative at one of these event’s they will be required to attend a separate training session.

7.5. Sanitising equipment for the ball and bails will be the umpire’s responsibility to make sure there is enough for the game.

7.6. Hand sanitisers will be the responsibility of each player, they must make sure there is enough for before and after the game as well as every ten overs.

7.7. The match ball/balls will be sanitised with an antiviral spray or wipe before use in the game and at the end of each over by the umpire.

7.8. Bails will be sanitised with an antiviral spray or wipe before every innings, by the umpire.

7.9. Any bowling run-up markers must be sanitised before and after use.

7.10. Players will be required to sanities their hands at the end of every 20 over spell.

7.11. Players are advised to clean hands before the game and then have a pocket hand sanitiser with them to be able to sanitise their hands after they have touched the ball or at regular intervals.

7.12. Electronic scoreboards can be used but the control panel must be cleaned between each user as well as before and after the game. Manual scoreboards may only be used by one person per game and then cleaned at the end of the game.


  1. Personal Equipment

8.1. You cannot share any personal cricket equipment at all.

8.2. You are advised to clean your personal cricket equipment before and after use with an antiviral spray or wipe.




  1. Physical Distancing

9.1. ONE METRE Physical Distancing must be respected at all times over and above everything else with the one exception of a Medical Emergency outlined in point 11.

  1. Gathering area and Player and Match Officials Area (PMOA) definition.

10.1.We are permitted to have gatherings of up to 30 people to play a game as long as strict 1 metre physical distancing is adhered to.

10.2. The game/gathering will consist of the two playing teams (max number of 12 people per side) and the umpires and scorers (max number of 4 People) plus up to 2 ground staff = 30 people.

10.3. The game/gathering area will consist of a PMOA as well as the field of play (everything inside the boundary rope).

10.4.Nobody from outside the game/gathering is permitted in the PMOA or on the field of play.

10.5. PMOA will be clearly marked out with enough space for all participants to be able to physically distance, this area will provide room for each player to leave kit and sit to observe the game.


  1. First Aid

11.1.General first aid


11.1.1. Use disposable gloves and a mask for all first aid treatment.

11.1.2. Ensure first aid equipment is fit for purpose and is in date.

11.1.3. Maintain good hygiene practices and those providing first aid should cover any open wounds.

11.1.4. Encourage self-treatment where appropriate, to help maintain current distancing guidance.

11.1.5. PPE should be worn (minimum gloves and a mask) when providing first aid and if possible and appropriate, casualties may also be encouraged to wear a face mask.

11.1.6. Dispose of PPE and soiled dressing etc. safely

11.1.7. Following treatment, wash hands and any bare skin and clean the area with disinfectant.

11.2.Giving CPR

11.2.1. If you find someone collapsed or someone collapses, put on PPE (gloves and a mask minimum)

11.2.2. Perform a primary survey, look for normal breathing, to minimise the risk of infection, do not open the airway and do not place your face next to the victims’ mouth / nose

11.2.3. If they are unresponsive and not breathing, ask someone to call 999 and bring an AED

11.2.4. Before you start CPR, use a towel or cloth (or face mask or pocket mask if available with an elastic band to keep it in place) and lay it over the mouth and nose of the casualty

11.2.5. Give chest compression at the rate of 100-120 per minute

11.2.6. Do Not give rescue breaths

11.2.7. When an AED arrives, use it immediately

11.2.8. Continue to perform compression only CPR until emergency help arrives and takes over; the person starts showing signs of life and starts to breathe normally


  1. Format

12.1. The format of the game will be decided in advance of the teams meeting and will be played in the decided format as well as ECB & new regulations.

12.2. In house training games can be arranged by the club and they must follow these new regulations.





  1. Arrival

13.1. Players to arrive at the venue no more than 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

13.2. It is recommended that they arrive in their playing kit, and on arrival are encouraged to sanitise their hands.


  1. Ground staff

14.1.Ground staff will be included in the gathering number with a maximum number of 2 people. 14.2.Ground Staff will have to adhere to the strict 1 metre physical distancing rules at all times. 14.3.Anyone from within our gathering is permitted to assist the ground staff with duties as long as the strict 1 metre physical distancing is adhered to.

  1. Rain delay

15.1. Start of games can be delayed by 30 min, players and officials must wait in their own cars abiding to the 1 metre physical distancing guidelines. No car sharing with people from outside your own household.

15.2. If it does start to rain during a game, the maximum length of any delay will be 30 minutes. In the event of a rain delay, U18s and those without cars are to shelter under the outdoor covered space at the venue (if available). At this point, 1 metre physical distancing must be strictly observed. All other participants must return to their cars. Physical distancing will be the responsibility, first and foremost, of each team captain.

15.2.1. If 1 metre physical distancing is not being observed Umpires/officials can give the team captains one warning and then further offences will lead to the game being abandoned.

15.3. If the umpires do abandon the game at any point for any reason everybody will need to leave the venue except the ground staff.

15.4. It is up to the umpire’s discretion when a game will be called off due to rain.

15.5. Players are permitted to enter the club house due to a rain, they can only enter to access toilet facilities or first aid equipment. This will be at the discretion of Salisbury & South Wilts Sports Club. AppropriateSocial Distancing must be maintained. Waterproof clothing should part of everyone at the gatherings personal kit, with no sharing allowed. Umbrellas are permitted within our gathering as long as they are only use by the owner.


  1. Umpires

16.1.Umpires are advised to wear disposable medical gloves and a mask at all times during the game.

16.2.Umpires are required to sanitise the ball at the start of the game and at the end of every 20 over period, as well as if somebody from outside our gathering handles the ball for whatever reason. Also, if sweat or saliva come in contact with the ball it will be immediately sanitised, and appropriate action taken against the player if deemed deliberate (see point 20)

16.3.Umpires discretion on enforcement of these new rule and regulations must be adhered to at all times.

16.4.Umpires decision is final.

16.5.Based on the expected trajectory of the bowlers run up, the umpire may have to stand to one side to allow the bowler to pass (in order to maintain a minimum of 1 metre physical distance).

16.6.Umpires will award one warning if any of these new rules and regulations are being broken, further to that the penalties out lined in point 23 will be enforced.

16.7. The Umpires have the right to abandon the game at any time if they deem it is not being played within these new rules and regulations.


  1. Clubhouse

17.1. The Clubhouse can be reopened in a limited way for operational reasons (e.g. for access to first aid equipment) or for toilet access but communal areas such as the showers, tearoom etc. are to remain closed for general use.

  1. External Seating

18.1. Players will be encouraged to sit on the ground or bring their own fold up chair to be set up externally to allow for a strict 1 metre physical distancing (as a minimum) between waiting batsmen/women.

18.2. Home and Away Teams will remain in their designated areas. Clearly marked by the ground staff prior to the days play.


  1. Warm-up

19.1.Warm-ups are allowed and encouraged to make sure you body is physically and mentally ready for the game.

19.2. Strict 1 metre physical distancing must be adhered to at all times.

19.3.Bowlers need to use their own ball and can practice with the wicketkeeper as long as he/she has gloves on.

19.4.Batters can hit balls with their own bat but must not pick the ball up and throw it back to the bowler.

19.5.Wicketkeepers gloves and batters’ bats should be sanitised with an antiviral spray or wipe after the warmup.


  1. Field of Play – Infringement penalties

20.1.All participants are reminded to cover their mouth and nose when clearing airways with a disposable tissue or sneeze into the crook of their elbow. Spitting and nose clearing is strictly forbidden.

20.2. Player Contact and Hygiene, no handshakes, high fives or other contact is permitted.

20.3. Players must use their absolute best efforts to comply with the physical distancing rules in place at all times.

20.4.Any toss will use the captains own personal coin where possible, if not the umpires coin may be used as long as it is sanitised after use as well as the persons hands that used it.

20.5.Before each innings all players are to sanitise their hands, players will also be encouraged to sanitise their hands straight after any handling of the ball with their own pocket hand sanitiser.

20.6.Any deliberate infringements in these new rule and regulations will result in a warning then potential expulsion from the game and the gathering.

20.7.Non deliberate infringements will be dealt with the following penalties.

20.7.1. Wicketkeepers Wicketkeepers are encouraged to sanitise their gloves with an antiviral spray or wipe between overs. Must remain 1 metre from on-strike batsman/woman at all times. Can stand up to the stumps as long as 1 metre physical distancing is adhered to.

20.7.2. Bowlers Bowlers must make sure runup markers have been sanitised before use and check that the ball has been sanitised. Bowlers must make sure the umpire is at least 1 metre away from his/her run up before commencing his/her runup. Bowlers must strive to not impede the batsman line whilst running and best efforts must be made to avoid coming with 1 metre of each other. It is the Umpires discretion as to deliberate attempts to impede the running batsman which could lead to expulsion from the game. Hats/jumpers cannot be handled by the umpires at all. They must either be removed from the field of play or can be left on floor but if hit it will be a 5 run penalty.

20.7.3. Fielding team A clear call when going for any ball in the field must be made and players must respect this call and make sure only one player is making an attempt at it. This will allow for strict 1 metre physical distancing to be adhered to. 1st offence will be a warning 2nd offence will be 5 penalty runs, after this it is up to the umpire’s discretion to remove the player from the game or to continue the 5 run penalties.

20.7.4. Batters Best efforts will be made to get off the cut strip/synthetic as soon as possible when making a run and to run wide of the strip away from the batting partner coming the other way. Strict 1 metre physical distancing must be adhered to at all times. Deliberate infringements will result in a warning then potential expulsion from the game and the gathering at the umpire’s discretion.


  1. Toilet Facilities

20.1. Toilet facilities are open, but particular care should be taken by those using them and those cleaning them. Soap and hot water will be provided, along with a separate toilet facility per team.

  1. Match Catering

No match teas or refreshments will be provided by SWCC. Players are asked to bring their own food and drink for consumption. These refreshments are NOT to be shared.





















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