Lockdown Pre-Season Plans

South Wilts CC Covid-19 Pre-Season

With slim chance of our usual pre-season training we are going to do an online one instead. A team based 8-week event, whereby running, cycling, swimming, walking (& Rowing) time tallies are combined using “Strava” to give your team a score.

The winning team will receive a prize …. Age appropriate!

How do I enter?

By simply joining the “South Wilts Cricket Club” Strava group before the 31st Jan. You will then be put into a team with others, unless you have requested to join as a team.


There is no cost whatsoever; all you need is a free Strava profile, the app and a willingness to get moving.

How do I score?

Using the Strava App…. – Run – Cycle – Swim – Walk (must be recorded as a run) – Rowing (must be recorded manually as a run) Your TIME will automatically be uploaded into the South Wilts CC group and collated on a weekly basis. So if you miss a week you start again on Monday How quick or far you go does not matter. Your team benefits from every minute you do. The team that finishes last each week will receive 1 point, the team that finishes second to last will receive 2 points and so on… When will it start and finish? Start Monday 1st Feb Finish Sunday 28th March Each week finishes at Sunday 11.59pm. Your team captain will then collate the total combined times and submit a score to Tom Morton.

Do I need to be a current SWCC playing member?

No. Anyone associated with the club can join. Just get moving!!

Can I make my own team?

Absolutely. Just let Tom Morton know who is in your team beforehand. Everyone in your team still needs to join the Strava group though.

What is my job if I am a team captain?

As captain you will need to look at you team members weekly times and share this with Tom Morton between Monday and Wednesday of each week. The participants weekly exercise time can be found in the “leaderboard” within the Strava group.

How big will the teams be?

Teams will be in 3, 4 or 5. Scores will be based on average time per person so team numbers can be flexible. You can also enter as a team rather than an individual.

Where will I see the team’s league table?

Either in the, Strava group, club WhatsApp group, or on the social media channels.

I am not much of an athlete, does it matter?

Neither is James Hayward and he has almost 10,000 1st team runs for the club. This is not about being athletic; this is about getting out and being active. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, just get the clock moving on Strava and enjoy it.

Strava doesn’t have Rowing, what shall I do?

Record your workout manually as a run using the Strava website. My team will win easily, I am a postman and do 7hrs walking a day… A walking workout must be continuous exercise of at least 10 minutes (and not whilst at work). This also needs to be recorded as a “run” using the Strava app. Walking to the shed doesn’t count either.

Can I link my activity watch to Strava?

Yes you can. If you have a Garmin, Fitbit etc you can join the accounts so your exercise is automatically uploaded into Strava.

What shall I do if I have to self-isolate for a week?

You could continue to exercise on a static machine at home, if you have one. Alternatively let your team captain know and they can take you out for that period.

This is all designed to be a bit of fun competition and most importantly to get us moving and socialising (Remotely) during this incredibly difficult time.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with myself via phone (07854 026787) or email (tommorton1985@gmail.com)

Tom Morton – Senior Head Coach

James Hayward