It’s Jackpot week for Chase the Joker!!

After 16 weeks of Chase the Joker, the “Joker” still hasn’t been found. Which means, we are now at the Jackpot prize of £1,000 … And it will be given away this Saturday, 30th January.

Can I still enter? Yes, absolutely. You can still purchase a ticket (or additional tickets) via Steve Hatcher, or 07722 141033.

How much is a ticket? Tickets are £36 which gives you entry into the remaining 36 weekly draws .. starting with this weeks £1000 draw.

When is the cut off? Tickets must be purchased (& paid for) by 10am on Saturday 30th January.

Am I just buying tickets for this weekend’s Draw? No, you are buying a ticket for the remaining 36 weekly draws. This includes an opportunity to win the jackpot.

What time will the draw be done? The draw will take place this Saturday (30th January), between 12pm and 1pm. The winner will be informed before the result is announced online & via Social media. Due to the large jackpot, this weeks draw will take place in front of 5 independent witness’.

Good Luck …. We look forward to making someone’s January a little better!

James Hayward